2-Story "Trailers"?

by Sydney Starkey

Have you heard talk of 2-story "trailers"? We're here to explain what that means and why that term is wrong!

What does that mean

We often hear confusion about the differences between modern modular homes and "trailers" of decades past. Even our two-story modular homes get mistaken for "trailers"! One of our TikTok videos (below) sparked some controversy about this topic a while back!

Why people think these exist

Most people, especially in our home state of West Virginia, have seen or lived in a trailer from the 1960s or earlier. When they hear "manufactured home" or "modular home", they assume these homes are the same as what they have seen before. But that's where they're wrong.

Old trailer homes were small and not as sturdy as they should have been. This is a big reason why they have such a bad reputation.

Why they are wrong

One difference between modular homes and trailers is the construction. Modular homes are made from the same materials that you would find in any house built on-site! Our factories put modular homes through a rigorous inspection process to ensure the finished product is safe and secure. The home is delivered by a team of professionals to your property, then attached to your foundation and finished according to a regulated set of standards.

Another difference is the design. You can have modern amenities like stainless steel appliances, large tile showers, stone exteriors, and more in a modular home. You can read more about customization options for these homes in our "Customizing Your Home" blog post.

What is a 2-story modular?

A two-story modular home is just like any other modular home - but bigger! These homes have a fully-finished second floor with livable space, usually with bedrooms upstairs. As you can see in the video, these homes can fit any style you want and offer lots of space.

You can learn more about modular homes here.