Middletown Construction

Let Us Take Care of the Details
While You Enjoy the Process

One Company, Clear Communication,
Fast Home Building

Our one-stop turnkey building process saves you time, money, and stress.

Other home builders make you work with multiple companies and contractors, which drives up cost, delays your move in date, and forces you to be a construction manager.

You don’t need more stress.

Download our all-inclusive home setup package here

Why Choose Middletown Homes?

No Worries, We've Got It Covered

Middletown Homes manages every construction phase for your new home. With our revolutionary construction methods and exclusive warranties and guarantees, we take the stress out of your custom home buying experience. Our services include:
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Land Clearing
Utility Hookups
Interior Finish
Septic Systems
Much More

Protection For Your Whole Home

Every home we build is backed by a 2-10 homebuyer’s warranty from RWC and MHWC. Situations arise even in perfect homes, but we take so much pride in our work that we’ll take care of any mechanical or structural situations that arise, 100% free.
This warranty covers:
• Workmanship situations (such as drywall cracks or loose flooring) for 1 year.
• Mechanical situations (such as your furnace or central A/C) for 2 years.
• Structural situations (such as your foundations or framing) for 10 years.