Customizing Your Home

by Sydney Starkey

Learn about the customization options that Middletown Homes has to offer to help YOU build your dream home!

One of the best aspects of building a home is getting to customize it! It’s easy to imagine your dream home (especially with tools like Pinterest at our fingertips), and actually getting to choose your home customizations can feel like a dream come true. At Middletown Homes, we offer major customization options on most of our home models! In this article, we’ll talk about the customization options we offer and how you can begin to plan your home’s appearance!

Interior Customization Options

*Listed below are the customization options offered through Pennwest, Colony, and New Image (our manufacturers). These are not all of the options available. Ask a sales associate for more details.


·Flooring – Choose the carpet, vinyl plank, or tile that goes in each room of your home. Consider things such as pets, wet areas, and young children when picking the flooring options for your home.

·Cabinetry – Cabinets are one of the biggest features in a home, and are also surprisingly one of the hardest decisions to make! Whether in the kitchen, bathroom, or anywhere else in your home, you have several color and wood-tone options to choose from. Matching trim and crown molding can really accentuate any room too.

·Countertops – There are standard countertop colors to choose from as well as upgrades to solid surface, quartz, or granite. Mixing and matching countertops with your cabinets and flooring is fun and can make every room very unique.

·Appliances and Hardware- Stainless Steel, Black, Black Stainless Steel, and White are the options you have for appliances such as your refrigerator, stove, microwave, and dishwasher. Appliances are included with all of our homes!

·Fireplaces- From gas, to wood burning, to LED fireplaces, all of these can be added to any home. Push them outside the home to save inside floor space, put them up against a wall, or place yours in a corner. Drywall, stone, or wood are options to go with your fireplace to make a statement.

·Attic Spaces- Add a TON of extra storage space to your home by adding an attic space! We leave it up to you to hire a contractor if you wish to finish out the space, but we leave the unfinished attic prepared for water and electric hookups. If you finish a 9/12 or 12/12 attic space, you can count that as actual square footage of your home!

·Floor Plan Alterations – If you see a floorplan you like, but it’s not quite right, we can fix that! We can stretch, flip, or alter our floor plans to fit what you are looking for. Need an extra bedroom or want a bigger kitchen? We’ll take a look at shifting the interior walls. Wish the kitchen was in the front of the house instead of the back? We’ll flip the layout!

·Doors, Windows, Lights, and Jacks- Bring the outside in with adding more windows to any home! With the many great WV views, having enough windows is a big deal. We can also change the doors to pull together the look and bring more light into your home. Adding additional LED lights inside and outside makes sure you have enough light in all the right places. Our homes have a ton of outlets already, but you can always add more! Put in extra TV, Phone, and Internet jacks to the rooms you want them in!

·Showers & Tubs- Whether it’s a nice walk-in tiled shower or a soaker tub (or both), we can make sure that your bathrooms help you relax when you come home from a long day at work and for all your self-care needs!

Exterior Customization Options

*Listed below are the customization options offered through Pennwest, Colony, and New Image (our manufacturers). These are not all of the options available. Ask a sales associate for more details.


·Siding – Stick with a traditional neutral exterior, or choose a bright color for some extra curb appeal! Vertical siding and shakes can also make some nice exterior accents on your home.

·Shutters – Choose between neutral or colorful shutters that compliment your siding! Or, go with a clean-line look with lineals.

·Shingles – While often overlooked, shingles can make or break the overall appearance of your home’s exterior. Especially with a higher roof pitch, make sure you choose something you like!

·Roof Pitch – Whether you’re looking for a simple exterior or one with a bigger statement, we can build a roof pitch that matches your vision. Go as tall as a 12/12 on some of our models for a really jaw-dropping appearance!

·Dormers and Bump Outs – Add some extra height and visual appeal to your home by adding dormers and bump outs that create a unique aesthetic that fits your vision!

·Porches – In West Virginia and the surrounding states, a porch is a must-have addition for a lot of people. Build a small porch to add a sweet touch to your home, or build a wrap-around porch big enough for large family parties!

·Garages – Add a garage onto your home if you’re looking for a place to park your car (and for some extra storage!)

·Foundations – Whether you want a crawl space or a full basement, we can handle the job. We can put any home on a crawl space or basement. Basements can be great places for a play room, mancaves, integrated garages, or somewhere to put a furnace or hot water tank to free up your floor space upstairs. We can help make sure the foundation and home go perfectly together.

Resources for Customization

If you’re interested in learning more about what we offer, check out our InHouse Experience tools. Visualize your dream home with these tools, then show one of our sales specialists to make your vision come to life!


To hear a sales specialist explain what we can do, check out this video!

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