Use the InHouse Experience Tool to Design Your Home

by Sydney Starkey

Take a look at our InHouse Experience tools to design your dream kitchen and home exterior!

Introduction to the Tools

Did you know that you can design your dream home on our website? Two of our manufacturers, Pennwest and Colony, provide us with their “InHouseExperience” tools, which allow users to visualize the options available for their kitchens and home exteriors. Mix and match cabinetry, flooring, countertops, and more! Take a look at some of our favorite combinations below!

*not all options are available in the InHouse Experience tools

Designed with the Pennwest InHouse Kitchen Designer

Take a look at this super popular kitchen design! Many modern home buyers are looking for a clean, open feel to their kitchen. This tool helps you understand the decor style you are looking for before you make final decisions.

Designed with the Colony InHouse Kitchen Designer

If the all-white design isn't for you, test out a darker interior for your dream kitchen by using the drop-down menus to choose alternative color choices! The "Shale Grey" cabinetry is also a popular choice, adding a sleek look to the kitchen.

Designed with the Pennwest Exterior Two-Story Designer

Visualize the curb-appeal of your new home using the exterior tools available from both manufacturers! Pennwest offers two-story options, as shown above, which means you can design a home perfect for a growing family.

Designed with the Colony Exterior Designer

If you're looking for a one-level home, try mixing and matching the exterior options from either of our manufacturers! Test out the look of different roof-pitch heights, siding colors, front door options, and more!

How You Can Use This Feature

These tools are an easy way to visualize the options you can choose when building your new home with Middletown Homes. They are also a way to plan out your choices before you ever come in to look at the homes or speak to one of our team members!

To access both the Pennwest and Colony InHouse Experience tools:

· Visit our Customize Your Home page

· Choose which tool you would like to access

· Use the dropdown menus to browse décor options

· Print your final choices and show them to our sales specialists

Use these tools to design your own dream home today! Our sales team is ready to answer any questions you may have about the options available through these tools and in your home.

Contact us today to learn more about how Middletown Homes can help you customize your dream home!