4 Kitchens to Inspire Your New Home

by Jared Moats

While you get ready to design your new modular or manufactured home, here's 4 kitchens to inspire one of the most important rooms in your home!

What does your perfect kitchen look like?

Maybe you want tons of storage, stylish and spacious countertops, or an attractive backsplash. Or how about a true chef's kitchen with a huge island and a six burner stove?

While you get ready to design your new modular or manufactured home, here's 4 kitchens to inspire one of the most important rooms in your home!

La Bella Casa
Modern Design and Huge Island

A modern monochromatic design stands out in La Bella Casa's kitchen.

Sleek grays and whites are all over the kitchen, making it a room you'll enjoy being in.

But we're sure something immediately draws your eye: The huge island.

The island easily seats four people, making it a place for your family to gather round and share the day's adventures – or to eat a simple meal in the afternoon.

The goose neck pull-down faucet stands out when you take a closer look at the island. If you've never done dishes with a goose neck pull-down faucet, you're missing out! It's a luxury that makes the chore much easier.

You won't need to wash dishes by hand often, though.

Did you miss the dishwasher built right into the island?

It's out of sight, out of mind, but there for your dishes when supper is over.

Never Run Out of Storage Space

Plenty of cabinetry makes the Carolina's kitchen unique. We don't think you'll ever run out of storage space!

The color choices give this kitchen a vibrant look, which is helped by the huge sliding glass door on the other side of the kitchen.

Here's the sliding glass door letting in a ton of natural light. You'll also notice an open floor plan leads from the kitchen right into the dining room!

Check out the stove for a second. It features a stainless steel range hood with glass and a pot-filler (and don't forget that gorgeous full-tile backsplash).

You might not think about these two things right away, but they're convenient for your day-to-day cooking! Especially when it comes to easily filling your pots and keeping the air clean.

Easy storage spaces are hidden throughout the kitchen. These simple drawers help cut down on clutter and keep your pots, pans, and more from being a jumbled mess.

Beautiful Farmhouse Style

The Sierra's kitchen has a farmhouse style that reminds us of the country.

Did you notice the tray ceiling with recessed lights? This adds dimension to the room and gives it a high end, elegant feel.  

Now check this out: sliding barn doors that conceals a small pantry. The barn doors add character to the room with its deep stained look.

There's more storage space on either side of the pantry that's concealed when the pantry is open, so it's an easy way to store your things without taking away from the kitchen's aesthetic!

Crazy Cabinet Space and Rustic Feel

Hickory is all over the Timberwolf, especially with the kitchen cabinets and the island.

The black appliances accent the hickory, making the wood's beautiful browns stand out against the deep black.

Hanging lights right above the island add more brightness to the room, which makes the hickory island shine even more!

We see how important kitchen placement really is thanks to the Timberwolf's open floor plan. The kitchen is the center of this home: it connects right to the living room, dining room, and lovely den area.

Since these rooms are connected, the family will be together through the whole day. The open floor plan creates an intimate space.

Mix and Match Your Styles

See something you like in all 4 kitchens? You can mix and match elements from them all thanks to the modular and manufactured building methods!

With multiple manufacturers to choose from, we're confident our sales team can design your kitchen just the way you want it.

There's also much more you can add to your kitchen than what you saw in these pictures!

To start designing your kitchen, get in touch with a member of our sales team today!